Black History Month

Published February 9, 2014 by herb7734

I just read an article by Lloyd Marcus, a Black Conservative. It got me thinking — an always dangerous enterprise. He stated that Black History Month could also be known as “Hate America Month.” Every negative occurrence that ever happened in this country between Blacks and Whites seems to be dredged up and repeated ad nauseam. It is a matter of exploiting race to further the liberal, progressive agenda. Why not, instead, celebrate black achievements and history. There are many examples that could be shown of great men and women who were black. But, let’s look at one recent one, whom the people behind BHM would never select because his political stance is different from theirs.

Herman Cain was (and still is) a successful business man who was appointed by Pillsbury to head up their Godfather’s Pizza chain. He went on to become CEO of the National Restaurant Association and an outspoken political voice. He is an excellent role model, but will never be shown as such by the black community because of political agendas. Instead, we get a “role model” whose national career is marked by unprecedented lies and scandals, yet fear of racial prejudice labeling prevents honest coverage and fear of speaking out. Fear of race — a great method for silencing opposition.

Mr. Marcus supplies us with an excellent example that could overcome the PC police and the race exploiters. If we could only interact like Star Trek’s crew of the Enterprise. Races living together without race being an issue. Is that too much to ask?



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