The “War” On Women

Published April 10, 2014 by herb7734

The Obama regime says that women make only 77% of what men make for the same or similar jobs. A recent Labor Dept. Study reveals that this is also true for the staff at the White House. Currently, a bill called The Paycheck Fairness Act is wending its way through congress. It is supposed to equalize paychecks between women, but it may very well make the situation worse for them. I will do so by not allowing the flexibility for working at home and other issues. Also, it will cause a whole nightmare of new forms and regulations. That alone will discourage the hiring of women for any jobs that are also held by men.

The Labor Department study goes on to say that the 23% gap cannot be helped by simplistic accounting. The disparity arises out of individual preferences such as the amount of time spent at work, and occupational choice. ‘Raw wage gaps should not be used for corrective action” because it is the result of individual choices.



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